Polls are open 6:00am to 8:00pm

November 3rd 2020 Presidential Election – Head Moderators Return (PDF)

We wanted to provide information on what to expect when voting in person on November 3rd.

We are expecting a record turnout for this most important election. The number of absentee ballots have greatly increased.  We also expect a large turnout of voters voting in person.

Because of our need to social distance, the number of voting booths in each of our two polling locations will only allow 12 voting booths to be set up—meaning only 12 people can vote at the same time. THERE WILL BE LINES and we ask for your patience.

When in line you need to be 6 feet apart.

Masks are required to enter the polling place.

Your hands will be sprayed with sanitizer prior to entering the polling place.

Prepare in advance!  Make sure you are registered to vote and which polling place you vote at by going HERE  Your name is the name that you registered under—so if you registered as Robert—Bob will not work.  Also, do not use any punctuation.  This is the same site that voters who used absentee ballots can verify that their ballot was received and logged in by the Town Clerk

The Registrars of Voters

Registrars of Voters


Primary Results – 8/11/20

  • Democratic
    • Biden – 1048
    • Sanders – 173
    • Gabbard – 18
    • Uncommitted – 24
    • Total Eligible Voters – 2930
      • Voted in Person – 275
      • Voted Absentee – 1011
      • Total Voters – 1286
      • % Turnout – 43.9%
  • Republican
    • Trump – 378
    • DeLafunte – 57
    • Uncomitted – 89
    • Total Eligible Voters – 2523
      • Voted in Person – 262
      • Voted Absentee – 261
      • Total Voters – 523
      • % Turnout – 20.7%
  • Congressional
    • Gilmer                  213
    • Anderson             119

Districts 1 & 3 – Tolland Recreation Center (104 Old Post Road)

District 2 – Tolland Senior Center (674 Tolland Stage Road)                   

Voters who are unsure of which district they are in or of their party affiliation can look up their registration by going to www.govote.ct.gov.  Polling places will be subject to all indoor gathering guidelines and restrictions in effect at the time of the primary. Only those registered in a party can vote in that party’s primary.  Voters who request absentee ballots from the Town Clerk’s office are checked off on the voter registration list as having voted by absentee and will not be able to vote at the polls.